Black Moth Truffle and Vanilla
Panna Cotta


750ml (1 ½ pt) double cream

130g (4 ½ o/z) caster sugar

1 vanilla pod

4 slice of truffle chopped finely

25ml Black Moth truffle vodka

4 tablespoons of milk

3 leaves of gelatine or veggie gelatine

The juice of half a lemon


Split the vanilla pod lengthways and scrape out the seeds. Put these into a saucepan with the double cream. Add the lemon juice and chopped truffle, then the castor sugar, bring to the boil gently and simmer for 3-4 minutes. In a bowl, soften the gelatine with the milk. When the cream has finished simmering, take off and add the gelatine. Stir constantly and pass through a fine sieve. Pour into your moulds. Set in the fridge for two hours. With the vanilla pod you have left, cut into fine long strips and cover with a little castor sugar

Stage Two: Truffle Sorbet

200g (8o/z) castor sugar

½ litre (1pt) water

Juice of half a lemon

6 slices of truffle finely chopped

25ml of Black Moth truffle vodka

1 egg white


Bring the water, sugar, truffle and truffle vodka to the boil. When boiled, take off the heat and cool. With a saccarometer, read the syrup; it should be 18-20° baumé. Add the lemon juice and the egg white, mixing well. Place into an ice cream maker and churn until white and just set. Take out and freeze

Stage Three: Sugar Baskets

250g (9o/z) castor sugar

10g (¼) glucose

100ml (3 ½) water


Take a small pan and mix all the ingredients together. Bring to the boil on a high heat. With a brush, clean the sides of the pan frequently with the brush dipped into cold water to stop any crystallisation. Take to the hard crack stage 152°c/310°f on a sugar thermometer. Take off and leave to cool until the syrup has thickened
Take a ladle that fits over the top of your moulds, and rub it with a little oil. Take a fork, dip it into the sugar and place very fine threads over the ladle. Repeat until you have a sugar basket. Break any sugar strands off from around the ladle. Turn it onto its edge, and finish with a fine syrup edging. As soon as it’s cool take off very carefully and keep dry

Stage Four: Blackberry Coulis

250g washed blackberries

4 tablespoons of icing sugar

25ml Black Moth truffle vodka

Juice of half a lemon


Place all the ingredients into a liquidiser and purée then pass though a fine sieve. Chill

Stage Five: Caramelised Truffle

You will need one good slice of truffle for each dessert. Dip the truffle in sugar. Heat a frying pan until hot and place the truffle in the pan and caramelise on each side. When done, cool on kitchen parchment

To Serve

Place a spoon of the blackberry coulis in the middle of the plate. With a circular motion, spread the coulis out, then de-mould the panna cotta, and place it on top. Take an ice cream scoop or a hot dessert spoon and scoop a ball of the sorbet and place on top of the panna cotta. Then place the caramelised truffle slice on top of the sorbet. (Place the sugar basket over carefully) Take a piece of the vanilla pod and push though a gap in the sugar basket. Take three blackberries and place around the plate and serve

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