The Inspiration

Black Moth is the stunning result of vodka enthusiast Paul Amin.

After spending many years travelling the world sampling a variety of different cultures and spirits, Amin decided to develop his own concept of the definitive luxury vodka – one that resonated with craftsmanship, elegance and refinement. He concluded that truffles, the ultimate culinary delicacy, would be the perfect ingredient to create a vodka that would be given pride of place both at the bar and on the dinner table. Many sessions spent experimenting, combining and tasting finally gave rise to Black Moth, a spirit that has truly earned its place at the heart of gastronomy.

The name “Black Moth” is derived from the elusive black truffle that provides its unique flavour and the metamorphosis of the moth from humble caterpillar into beautiful nocturnal creature, which Amin believes echoes the transformation from simple vodka to exquisite spirit.