The Bar

Enter the Black Moth Bar and discover how to enjoy the distinctive and memorable taste of Black Moth vodka.

Black Moth is a versatile spirit that can be savoured either straight - served cold, simply poured over ice - or mixed. From The Bar, a series of exclusive cocktails have been developed, bringing out the spirit’s classy, well balanced and subtle character.

Try the Perfect Serve – a smooth Vodka and Tonic, or get immersed in the true art of drink making and explore the selection of cocktail recipes.

Johan Svensson is Black Moth’s cocktail connoisseur. As a consultant in the drinks industry and specialist in the fine spirits and wine field, Johan has lent his services to a number of high profile clients over the years, including The Royal Academy of Arts and the Liberty Department Store. Bespoke, innovative creations are Johan’s professional hallmarks, and his work has been rated 4.5 by the prestigious Diffords, one of the most authoritative cocktail publications available.

See below for Johan’s unique Black Moth cocktail recipes.